Thursday, January 10, 2008

Woodard Family Weekend

Matt and I flew East Thursday to spend the weekend with his family and celebrate his grandmother's 90th birthday. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone.

Niece Aileen turned on the charm and showed us how much she has grown. She is talkative and adorable as ever. My favorite talent of hers, which I tried in vain to catch on video, is when she demonstrates how frogs catch flies. I wonder if she knows that in 10-14 years she'd really be embarrassed by a home video on the Internets?

One of the first thing Matt does upon arrival at Simone & John's Thursday is start fiddling with electronics.
Toby & Steve made a fabulous meal Friday night for the family including Rudy, Gene & Steven.

Aileen proudly shows off one of her toys at Mana & Papa's.

Aileen gets hugs from her Mana and love from her Great Aunt Gene.Ice cream!!
Who needs toys when there are remote controls and other fun gadgets?

We are very excited for the Monahans when they welcome Aileen's baby brother or sister February 5th!

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