Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Idiots Brewing

Matt and Brian have taken up a new hobby. This series is from the first batch. Since then, they have bottled their second batch and the third batch is fermenting after Saturday's brewing efforts.

We sold the condo despite the gurgling coming from the carboy in the closet, emitting a hoppy/yeasty/beer-like scent. Now the beer making equipment has its own dedicated cabinet downstairs.

Grandma's April Visit

My mom came for a long weekend to spend some time playing and helping sort the chaotic downstairs. In between Claire's naps/our working, we found time to have fun at the playground, coloring and typical toddler time.

Misc Florida Fun

The hotel provided a grill for our barbecue, but they neglected to provide adequate grilling utensils. So Toby and Steve improvised with a ladle and some knives.

The pool was the default destination for everyone - no big surprise there!

Waiting for the tram in Animal Kingdom.

Claire had fun in the car - living it up facing forward for the week.


We crashed the pool area at the Disney Contemporary Resort for a bit after leaving the park. This interactive water fountain was a huge hit for all kids (and adults) and a spectacular play space for a toddler. Claire could not have been happier.

Disney World

Toby and Steve treated the family to a week in Florida over spring break this year. Everyone enjoyed getting away to a warm (hot) spot.

The first day's activities included dinner at Epcot. Claire was most excited to see the icon of Epcot and pointed to it saying "ball!"

The second day included brunch at Chef Mickey's, where the characters come visit during your meal. Aileen and Jack loved meeting them all and getting their autographs. Claire was dubious.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Enjoying a treat at her pal Nas' 2nd birthday party

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fifteen Months

A few days (week+) late, here's Claire and the elephant at 15 months. Miss Busy was not interested in sitting still in the chair - so I have to keep trying. Might need to try alternate ways to capture her growth!