Monday, July 9, 2012

What Wall?

Day one of true summer for Matt and we have one less wall in the kitchen.

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Claire started preschool on this cool, foggy, quintessential San Francisco day.

She expressed some mixed feelings about going for the last day or two. We have been talking about preschool for a while and she has been there three times to visit, so the drop off turned out to be a breeze.

One little boy proclaimed, "Claire's back!" Once Matt and I unloaded all her gear into her cubby and brought her to the main room, she sat right down at the table and started coloring as if she'd been doing that every day for a year. With an "I love you, too" sending us off, Matt and I left, with our own mixed feelings. Relief that she didn't scream and cry, sadness? nostalgia?  that our little girl is growing up and entering a new phase, and so proud of her for making herself at home there. I can't wait for pick up to hear all about her day.