Monday, October 26, 2009

More of Our Visit with Lauren

Betsy sent some photos of our visit to So. Cal from her camera. Some demonstrate the challenges of holding a newborn while 6 months pregnant!

My favorite baby knitting pattern definitely is not sized for this age. Maybe it will fit better when hats are more necessary - perhaps for Lauren's first trip to New Hampshire in December?

I can relate to Lauren's desire for frequent naps.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend with Lauren

Matt and I took a trip to LA last weekend to meet our little niece Lauren - and celebrate Betsy's birthday. We had a great time cuddling with her while also enjoying the local take-out fare (mmm, Snax), walking along the Strand and catching the last few innings of Evan's baseball game.

These photos are all from Sunday when I realized I hadn't taken any pics yet and the big adventure of the day was a trip to Target.

Here are Evan and Lauren in a common scene. Lauren looks adorable as always in Fall Outfit #1: Candy Corn

Evan went out to mow the lawn and Matt took over snuggle time, learning how to use the sling in the process. This was key, as I plan to use this sling and plan on Matt using it as well.

Lauren had some tummy time, now in Fall Outfit #2: Pumpkins. More important, however, is what Lauren did just after this photo! She raised herself up a little higher, let her head fall ever so slightly to the side and she rolled onto her back! I called Betsy over, placed Lauren on her tummy again and Lauren performed an encore rollover performance for Betsy's enjoyment. Triumph!

Family photo with matching pumpkins.

Finally, Lauren (and Betsy) changed into one more Fall Outfit after Candy Corn and Pumpkins found themselves retiring early to the laundry basket.