Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow Days in NH

Matt and I started our East Coast Holiday vacation in New Hampshire. We made it to Springfield late Monday (12/22) night, despite a delayed flight which led us to miss the last Dartmouth Coach bus and driving up from Boston in a rental car with a misaligned wheel which caused massive vibrations. After we dropped off the rental car at the Lebanon Municipal Airport, braving the Lebanon traffic, we finally were able to enjoy the snow.

We donned snowshoes for a trek around the woods. We started down the driveway, pausing to take a snapshot of the house in its snowy beauty, then crossed the street to explore beyond the pond.

No groomed paths here.
Red cheeked and cheery!
Just beyond my breath you can just make out the blue lines crisscrossing the maple trees.

After re-crossing the street, we spotted the first evidence of moose tracks, dragging their feet through the high snow.
Just a little ways past those first tracks, and maybe 50 yards from the street, we stumbled upon 4 separate moose beds in the snow.
Heading inside to warm up and have dinner. It was approximately 10 degrees this day.

The house had massive icicles.
Tuesday night, Betsy and Evan arrived. We borrowed 2 more pairs of snow shoes so all 6 of us could go out.
Walking the "Gator Trail"

Stopping for a rest. Trudging through the snow (~20") or so is tiring, particularly for the 1st & 2nd in line. It was about 30 degrees this day, so we all heated up rather quickly.

Dad, Betsy and I plodded on to this spot - the turn off for Royal Arch - which I understand is a cave. We were officially off Lawson land, on the Daniel Webster Pass.