Sunday, January 6, 2008

Public Transit Crazies

The downside to living on such a convenient Muni line is we (ok, I) feel compelled to use it. For our weekend jaunt to NJ/CT our flights worked out better if we flew out of SFO and in to OAK. Unfortunately, that really required us to leave the car squeezed in the garage.

Our route home today included 30 minutes on BART with a schizophrenic Hispanic (or Italian?) man who alternated between near-sleep and shouting, and I mean top of his lungs screaming, in Spanish (Italian?) for a few minutes at a time. He reminded me a little of Jerry Stiller as George's dad in Seinfeld, only louder.

To make the BART trip more interesting, a pair of men boarded and continued their enthusiastic entrepreneurial discussion full of profanity. Most intriguing.

And finally, making the trip super memorable, the Muni train broke less than half way home. We were kicked off, walked to the next stop and had to wait for our train to get out of the road and for the next to arrive.

Lessons learned? a) book flights in/out of the same airport or b) make SuperShuttle our new best friend.

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