Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Aileen

Posting a few more pictures of Aileen from our trip East. These are from the real camera so they're a bit clearer & higher quality than all the iPhone pics.

How could anyone ever say no to this face?

Matt played a game with her, aptly named "Aileen in a Box". The rules are simple. Aileen gets in a box and sits. Matt pulls the box. Aileen squeals with joy, Matt gets out of breath. Aileen looks up with those eyes and says, "Again!"

The game has advanced a bit since I was that age. I think the game "Susan in the Laundry Basket" had fewer rules: Susan gets in the laundry basket. End game. I'm sure my parents or sister could remind me if there was more involved. My memory of that era is a little sparse.

(1/23) Update: According to my mom, I would sit in the laundry basket and read books.

Finally, I expect Aileen to excel at 52 Card Pickup, namely as the dealer. During both our visits to the house, this barrel of toys had been emptied 8-10 times. I suspect it's not Simone's favorite.

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