Monday, January 28, 2008

Unusual Restaurant

Saturday night we set out to find some grub. The first few places we tried on Haight Street were crowded with long waits. Then we spotted a sign for Thai food. We figured that couldn't be too crowded, right? Well, it was packed but the ladies sat people very quickly.

This place was really something else. First, it is a converted second floor apartment. We sat in what would have been the dining room with a look into the living room and its fireplace (see below) and on the other side of the room we could see the kitchen. I was very amused by this set up.

Second, the staff was all about efficiency, tho often at the expense of accuracy. Brian's request for coffee was met with "that will take some time, you still want it?" We took it to mean, they'll brew to order and it'll be fresh and ready near the end of our meal. Apparently it meant "is tomorrow ok?"

It seems this is actually a neighborhood favorite. CitySearch reveals that people even find it romantic? That is one word I would not have used.

The food was at least decent, but I think it was all about the experience of an odd restaurant that mostly just pops up in big cities. A good way to start a Saturday night.

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