Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

We spent New Year's Eve this year at a comedy club with friends Mike and Anne. We had a great dinner at an Italian place in North Beach (that's basically the only option there) then got in line for the show.

This is said line. We managed to get in line right behind a cigar smoking little man. Joy!Making the best of the time and "fresh" air.
After we rounded the first corner: This band was just playing on the street in their truck (I'm guessing used U-haul). It made the wait a little more interesting and as a bonus, provided the comics with some fodder for their acts.
Matt is ready to ring in the new year.
Sporting my tiara. The Club had hats & tiaras on all the tables and even came gave each table a bottle of champagne (surprisingly not part of the two drink minimum).
Had to capture Mike with his tiara. Matt was hoping I'd catch him mid-jump; I think Mike is holding him down.

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