Sunday, January 13, 2008

Matt's Birthday Party

We hosted our first party in the new home yesterday in honor of Matt's birthday. Many thanks to Brian for basically catering the affair. The food was a hit - including homemade meatball sandwiches served personally by Brian.

In addition to your basic mingling, most people participated in at least one game on the Wii. It's a normal experience to see Matt & Brian playing tennis (often with a beer in the other hand), but it was great to see 4 people lined up, Wiimotes flying.

Here we have Greg (left) and Kevin (right) watching as Mark, Matt, Brian and downstairs neighbor Chris battle it out in tennis.

Now Katie and Greg battle Hans and neighbor Heather.

Back to the usual suspects.

Spouses Heather & Kevin box.

Heather goes for a knock out punch.

It was unsuccessful and instead finds herself urging her Mii to get up, get up!

I step in to play the winner and get the most exercise I'd had all week. I think I apply the Tae Bo method and it really is not all that effective in the ring.

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