Monday, May 5, 2008

A Midafternoon Field Trip

I've been walking by this construction site for over a year now on my way to work. In August, our friend Greg started working on the project when he moved back to the Bay Area from Oregon. We had dinner with Greg and Katie last week and he mentioned his plan to take Katie up to the top. I inquired if that ability extended beyond spouses. It does. So Friday afternoon, I took a field trip away from my cube to 60 stories up.
Greg tells us this will be (is now?) the tallest concrete building in SF; the fourth tallest overall in the city.

The $12M view (the 4 penthouses sold for $12M each - this includes 4 external walls only - the buyers then bring in their own architect to design the condo as they want it).

This is the ride from floor 25 to 57:
Here I should have waved down to my colleagues in the BGI headquarters.

I was decked out. Yes, it was extremely windy up there.

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