Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kitchen Project: Expanding the Mess, Real Walls

The drywall guys returned (after the nail pattern passed inspection) to conceal and smooth all the seams. This caused quite a mess, including plaster all over the place, on the bathroom sink, doorknobs, cats.
If this weren't messy enough, they returned again Thursday to sand and smooth the mud. Again, plaster dust covered everything - the living room (in its entirety), hallway, cats. As soon as the sanding was finished, the flooring guy arrived to repair the foyer floor and install the flooring in the dining room and kitchen. At the same time, the appliances arrived and the fridge and stove were heaved upstairs.

After wiping down the walls to remove the plaster dust Thursday night, Friday was the day to prime the walls and ceiling. Although painting walls that do not have any trim should be easier and faster, getting the ceiling and angled section was not so much. Friday night was devoted to painting (Susan) and heaving cabinets upstairs (Matt & Dad).

Matt ended the evening with a relaxing beer and some cat love.

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