Monday, May 5, 2008

Kitchen Project: Walls! Progress!

We have walls! I have never been so excited about walls before. The kitchen/dining room feel almost like an actual room now. It no longer resembles a barn. We have to now get this inspected (yes, there is a code for the nailing pattern) then we can get it taped/mudded, sanded, primed, painted. This week will show major, visible, tangible progress. I'm sure to some, seeing the new electrical wires go in looked and felt like progress, but for me - walls, flooring and cabinets will be progress!

This week's ambitious plan:
Monday - nailing pattern inspection
Tuesday - tape/mud drywall
Wednesday - sand drywall? Welcome the master home renovator (aka Dad)
Thursday - flooring installation! Appliances delivered!
Friday - finish flooring; prime/paint walls
Saturday - start installing cabinets!
Sunday - continue with cabinets! Hopefully empty the garage of cabinets so we can park and not drive around and around the block looking for parking that is not impeded by street cleaning.

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