Monday, May 5, 2008

Bringing Sunapee Home

We picked up Sunapee from the breeder Saturday morning. We now officially have a dog!

First stop? Greg and Katie's in El Cerrito where they have a 2 year old yellow lab, Bridger, and a great back yard. We had a great time watching the two dogs play together, chase things (toys, people, each other) and chew on sticks. In addition, Greg and Katie were kind enough to feed us making it a really great afternoon in the sun. An extra benefit is all this fun in their backyard tired him out for us.

He'll fit right in.
Our strategy to tire him out Sunday? Bring him to Greg and Katie's! We are continuing to call in favors from Greg as we invaded their backyard again and he and Matt picked up the latest (and hopefully last) shipment of flooring in Greg's truck.

5/14/08 Update: More pictures of Sunapee's playtime at Greg & Katie's here

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