Thursday, September 30, 2010

Woodard Family Reunion

We kicked off our East Coast summer vacation with a big gathering of Woodards at Matt's uncle Tom's and aunt Deb's home in New Canaan, CT. Great Grandma Bernice met her newest great grandchildren, Claire and Ian. Ian (5 months) came with parents Jason and Jana from Singapore. One year old Ani came with her parents, Duncan and Liz from Seattle. Four year old Aileen and two year old Jack joined Claire to round out the generation. Together with Simone, Matt, Mike, Nick, Steve, Tom and Vicki, Bernice had all her family around her.

Matt demanded a head scritch from CAV (Crazy Aunt Vicki)

Ian and Claire square off. Claire eventually screeched her pterodactyl screech and reduced Ian to tears.

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