Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break, Part 2, Palm Springs

Phase two of our Spring Break vacation was 4 nights in Palm Springs at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. Toby and Steve joined us for this part of the trip (retirement suits them, and their travel!). We found a good deal on a 2 bedroom villa which gave us a living room and a large outdoor area with hot tub. Having the villa meant we could hang out at home base but not feel cooped up in a hotel room. The outdoor space was fantastic!

This trip marked Claire's first time in a swimming pool. She enjoyed lots of cuddle time with Mana & Papa and some great fresh air naps.

Claire loves bath time anyway, but this was even better because of the giant mirror!

The scenery is amazing. Matt and Steve played two rounds of golf on what they say are two of the most beautiful courses they've ever played.
Concerned look as she enters the pool. The water is not quite as warm as her baths!

A bunch of girls, age 6-8 I'd guess, were fascinated by Claire. At one point, we were surrounded by them.
After all the swimming, it was time to nap. Toby walked her around as she slept, noting that the bathing suit's hood made a great sleep mask. Perhaps we should always dress her in hoodies to block the stimuli.
I like vacation!

Ok, who put on this diaper?
Cozy after her second day of swimming

Saying her goodbyes - just 4 weeks until the next visit!

Steve's photos of the trip can be found here.

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