Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break, Part 1

For Matt's Spring Break this year, we packed up the car (stuffed it to the gills, really) and headed South. First, we spent the weekend in Torrance with Betsy, Evan and Lauren. We had fun watching the girls play on the floor together. Lauren was fascinated by Claire. Matt and I were fascinated by Lauren's ability to fall asleep on her own.

Lauren enjoys some sweet potato

Hey! I recognize that outfit!

Why, yes, my teething ring is silver, why do you ask?

Now I'll just mouth on Claire's blanket. She won't mind, right?

Lauren is thrilled to visit with her cousin. Claire's not so sure.

Isn't this fun, Claire? Claire?

Quit punching me!

Mom! Lauren's attacking me!

Betsy's photos from the weekend are here

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