Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kitchen Project: Layout, Design, Models

Here are some of the drawings of the plans for the kitchen.

These three are some basics which Brian created to indicate the fact that we're going to raise the ceiling in the kitchen & dining room (and add skylights). The first two are as viewed from the street side, looking through the dining room, the last is looking from the south side, where the window is.

Here is the layout of the kitchen, as seen from above, but the "dead space" has been filled:
This is the view of one end, where the window is and sink was/will be. Hooray for a new dishwasher! Hopefully I will stop breaking dishes & glassware without my efforts to handwash at warp speed.

This is my favorite view. Cabinets galore with, of course, a brand new gas range. We'll have that fancy lazy susan in the corner on the right and a tall, slender cupboard for cookie sheets & the like. We have added another set of 12" open shelves on the right.

This is the side where the range & pantry used to be. Instead we'll have a fabulous french door, bottom freezer fridge with a larger, more accessible, user-friendly pantry and area for what I'm thinking is a bar space for entertaining.
This is the breakfast bar view, looking in from the dining room. We're putting a built-in wine fridge to fill the often hard to reach corner. We'll have a raised bar for dining.

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