Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things I do not miss about Sausalito, or Benefits of Judah St

1. The feeling of isolation. It was dark on our street. It was dark going down to the laundry (in fact, we did the occasional load of evening laundry with a headlamp on). If we went out to dinner, walking to a restaurant provided either very limited choices or a long, somewhat creepy walk.

2. The lack of space. 600 sq ft apartment; 1048 sq ft condo. Not much of a decision!

3. Confirming our address. Yes, we're the Woodards on Woodward. It's spelled s-a-u-s-a-l-i-t-o, like the cookie.

4. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge nearly every day. First, it's $4 per round trip. Second, it's a big red barrier to getting many friends to come out with us. Third, it takes a while, especially navigating around the slow moving tourists.

5. Coin-op laundry. Need I say more?

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