Monday, November 12, 2007

Construction Chaos

We have begun the various projects in our new home and also have moved quite a bit of stuff from Sausalito.

This is the current state of our new dining room

Project central: the living room

Brian, Matt and Hans (hiding) are contemplating how to continue the flooring project from the guest bedroom into the hallway:

More contemplation (aided by a well deserved beer)

The progress on day 1 of the flooring.

Friday and Saturday were spent prepping and painting. The guest bedroom walls were previously bright red - now toned down to a lovely tan. We had a big crew working all weekend. Toby & Steve and cousin Christine helped pack, move & unpack the kitchen. Former houseguests Brian and Greg helped 2 days each this weekend with painting, destruction (baseboards) and construction. We are very fortunate that Brian's roommate, Hans, is a carpenter and was critical in getting the flooring started. Not sure how we would have fared without him!

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