Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Model Baby

I promise I will not become a stage mom, but I must admit I had Claire model some baby clothes in the name of her cuteness. A local baby clothing and blanket company was looking for babies to model for its Fall 2011 catalog so I suggested Claire.

We spent half an our one afternoon at the photo shoot, dressing up in a few different outfits. Claire's payment was an adorable outfit and another lovey to add to her collection.

They let me join her for a souvenir (not the catalog!)
Some more babies (and Claire) can be seen on their blog as well.


  1. Wow! Multi-ligual and a model! I can't stand it. : )
    Can't wait to see you guys.
    Aunt Simone

  2. Ooops...lingual (sp)!

  3. So. Ridiculously. Cute! I can barely stand it! She's a natural! And you look hot, Mama.