Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playgroup Halloween Party

On Sunday, our February Baby Playgroup had a Halloween party. All the babies came in costume to play while the adults chatted and discussed how adorable all the costumed babies were.

Claire, dressed as an elephant, was joined by Curran (the party's petite hostess) the dinosaur.
Here we have, l to r, Claire the Elephant, Hailey the Cow, Jackson the Shark, Pumpkin Auggie and Dinosaur Curran.
As the afternoon went on, some more friends arrived as others departed. The later line up included, l to r, Dylan the Bear, Monkey Erica, Curran the Dinosaur, Dragon Dylan, Hailey the Cow, Tessa sporting Asian Silk and Kitty Cat Claire (the elephant ensemble was toasty, so Claire showed off her all black cat outfit).

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