Friday, November 20, 2009

Surprise East Coast Baby Shower

Matt and I planned a quick weekend jaunt to New Jersey to see the updates to the Woodards' house and spend some time with Aileen and Jack (Simone and John, too). Toby took advantage of this plan to throw a surprise baby shower. Her plans were all set. The one thing she did not count on, however, was the appearance of swine flu in Matt. Although Matt hadn't felt well the day before we were to leave, we dutifully awoke at 3:30 am for our 6am flight to JFK, got all showered, dressed and ready but Matt simply could not make it out of the house. After a phone call to Toby and Delta, we got back in bed, and spent the day quarantined from each other after a quick trip to the doctor. Poor Matt spent the next week bored silly stuck in the house.

So, Saturday morning arrives and Matt hands me the computer saying Toby was trying out Skype video conferencing and wanted to say hi. I take the laptop and see not just Toby, but all of her wonderful friends and family, many of whom are donning large hats. I was the absentee honoree at the tea party.

Steve was on hand to snap some photos of the gals and forwarded them on so I could see what I missed.

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