Monday, June 2, 2008

Cat in the Ceiling

After the walls in the kitchen and dining room were in place, we had the HVAC guy return to punch a hole in the dining room to install the heating vent and punch a hole behind the microwave for ventilation. Unfortunately, I had marked a reminder on the ceiling but that was not the right location. The HVAC guy took my sketch as an indicator of location and cut a hole, to discover the duct was not there. Matt's just thrilled at the prospect of repairing a 5x5" hole, but we hadn't started it yet.

We return from a walk yesterday afternoon to discover Marin IN the ceiling. I had seen her peering at it from atop the old fridge, but figured she wouldn't be that curious, right? Wrong! She managed to jump from the fridge into the hole in the ceiling, but couldn't figure out her escape. I had to convince her to reach out of the hole paws first, which was challenging as she doesn't speak much English. She did eventually reach out, after a few failed attempts by me to pry her out via collar. Hopefully she didn't eat any insulation (not as much of a concern with her as it would be for puppy, tho she has been known to gnaw on wires) and we dusted her off, sent her on her way and immediately started the patching process.

I guess she'll do just about anything to get away from Sunapee.

Update 6/3/08: She did it again. I came home from boot camp at 7:10 am and while I was talking to Matt as he sat at the counter, I noticed a furry brown face looking at me from the ceiling. The wall patch was on the floor. This time, however, she decided to explore the crawl space more fully and went missing for several minutes, while I tried every trick I have to get her attention (which isn't much; she's the least responsive of the 3 animals). She eventually came out and jumped back onto the fridge. We then moved the fridge to the other side of the dining room while it awaits removal.

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