Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kitchen Project: HazMat Testing

Step one of the on-site kitchen project began Monday with downstairs neighbor Chris and his testing kit. Conveniently, Chris consults with hospitals on their hazardous materials. There are a few new holes in our kitchen: a 1.5x1.5" square in the corner of the floor has been taken out for asbestos testing (about 4 layers of flooring), a 1x4" section of paint was scraped off for lead testing, a 1/2" circular hole drilled into the corner from the dining room, and finally, the most interesting, one missing wall tile for who knows what testing - asbestos I think?

The tile removal was the most fun to watch. Chris brought up what looks like a bubble boy suit, which he proceded to tape to the wall below and above the targeted tile.

Matt had the honor of becoming Bubble Boy and reached in to access the tools that had been placed in a little interior pouch. Chris sprayed some stuff to wet down any potential hazards via a tiny access hole.
The hammering began.
The hammering continued. We hadn't considered the effects of hammering a chisel into the kitchen wall. On the other side is our leaning ladder shelf, off of which a few things flew.

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